Hello, Stranger

22 year old wanderer/Cat-lover/Beast in the kitchen.

Born in Indonesia, raised in sunny, sweltering Singapore. Half Chinese and really tan. Normal, run of the mill, stressed-out college student majoring in Communications. In between, I like to dabble in my fair share of "stuff".

I have an immense love for food, and the kitchen is my sanctuary. Most times, I channel my inner Gordon Ramsay slash Nigella Lawson when the fridge calls. Believe it or not, I consider grocery shopping a hobby. 

Closet writer, avid traveller. I aim to conquer Southeast Asia, before bouncing on to Europe and the Americas. I believe that travel is more than seeing the sights. It's a change that goes on deep and permanent. It's the very idea of living - in another culture, another life. 

Occasionally, I do pick up my paints and markers and start doodling. Handmade, handpainted, hand-drawn. On top of all of that, I run competitively and I make covers on Youtube when I'm not doing everything else. You could say, I'm ridiculously swamped in "stuff", and I love it.

Join me in my cray adventures, both at home and around the world. I'd love to collaborate, be it in music, art, writing or if you just want to hang. I'm up for it! 

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