Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Blues

By the looks of my title, it's saying that this post probably ends on a sad overall note. So if you're looking for something warm, fuzzy and somewhat "cheerful", you should turn away right now.

Okay, so, this morning was just regular. At least, as regular as my Monday mornings can be.

Headed down to my hairdresser's to get something done about my unruly patch of grass that some could call hair. 

Decided upon the deep treatment, and it basically took forever. I tried in vain to keep myself entertained for three whole hours with the steamer allowing beads of sweat(?) or it could have been water droplets to slide down my nose.

And then before I left, my hairdresser shoved a huge bottle of hair treatment/mask and nagged at me to use it everyday in replace of conditioner, because if not a horse might mistake my hair for something else. No, obviously she didn't say the latter, but I could have assumed that she meant something along those lines.

Drowned myself in searching for perfect hardware after; i.e. drill bits, nails, wall hooks and all that stuff to fix the curtain rod that fell on me this morning. Ended up buying more than I needed, as usual. That included a totally unnecessary glass cleaner that managed to convince me it would turn my murky windows into shiny new ones. 

As I'm typing this at almost two in the morning, the curtain rod just fell again. Life.

Anyhow, headed to get a few stuff from the grocery shop before Khai met me after his haircut. Apparently it was hair cut Monday. 

Got a few baking stuff, and then he helped me lug it all home. Rolled about for awhile watching some weird video on his phone before Syarm came over to settle the falling rod and my shelf. Which didn't work obviously, though it was very convincing.....

Had home-baked fudge brownies with coconut ice cream and almonds cause we were both not fasting for reasons, and then headed down to the Bazaar to settle my baju raya.

Managed to find what I needed, which included curtains for my room. 

Grabbed some food, and then we took the train down to the airport to send the idiot i.e. my best friend, off to Melbourne.

Of all the awkward situations. 

Regardless, I was just glad I got to send him off. He never misses sending me off to my trips. He was there at 6a.m when I flew to Japan last year, and he was there after his job interview to send me off to Vietnam. And now here I am sending him off to his first official trip (Bangkok with his family doesn't count). 

His recent messages tell me he's a little too happy there now. Threatened to kill him if he doesn't share the love. 

And now, I'm having a stomachache. Toilet break guys. 


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Wild rice,

Past one A.M. and i'm still up, god knows why. Legs cramping up sitting in this upright position (which is probably ridiculously bad for my back, but heck)


I was too exhausted from room-revamping yesterday to post any pictures, butttttt a vlog should be up soon. Maybe i'll do a room tour if i'm not lazy heh heh.

Today was spent with a short stint at the Wild Rice production's show at the National Library. It was full of hilarious snippets here and there, but do get the $2 program before you even watch the show. If not, you'll have no head or tail of what's going on.

Hit Sephora with the intention of getting my foundation, and I walked out with a whole bunch of stuff. Sigh, I had one job....... 

I might do a haul video too, once my Zalora loot appears. I've been shopping alot lately. Bad.

Ended the day with a short trip down to the Geylang Bazaar with Khai to satisfy my ridiculous cravings. Grabbed caramel churros, and coconut ice-cream, followed by a weirdly delicious taco dengdeng. Yup, you heard me right.

I still need to get curtains and stuff, so I'll be heading back tomorrow with the sis before sending the best friend off at the airport. Can't wait to pack my bags and fly off in December. Just, can't.

Okay, i'm off. Need to do something about my toilet-brush-hair thing. It's pissing me off. :// 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Begin again

I've tried in vain for hours now to import my old content(s) over, and I'm failing miserably.

So, here goes. Reposting a ridiculous amount of content. At least I can clean it all up, right?


I successfully made my first ever proper mushroom risotto today. And, it's halal, since I omitted the wine.

If anyone's interested in the recipe, I'll put it up pretty soon! Together with a video hopefully?

But for now, it's just a picture.

Mushroom risotto with parmesan, and chives.