Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hi. I'm a "Bro" girl.

The "bro" girl. Whaaaaaaaat?

I would know. I've heard it so many times over these few months, I've succumbed to the label. That's not a good thing - labels.

Before I go into any in-depth 'analysis' of what this species of girl really is, please take all of this fluff with a pinch of salt. I am in no way encouraging labelling of yourselves in any way. It's just my emotions and my thoughts collide and I come up with weird terms. Bear with me.

I'm not sure where this entire mindset popped up from. Like I said my mind works in mysterious and questionable ways. Probably due to being in a girls school for 10 straight years, growing up mainly as a jock and being exposed to all sorts of rugged environments. In addition to that, my serious addiction with pokemon, Beyblade, Yu gi oh and a multitude of wrestling sessions with the cousins - I guess it all finally caught up to me.

Not forgetting I felt more comfortable associating with guys anyway - less drama. (At this point I would like to take the time to say I appreciate all my girl-friends and I love yall, please don't bash me up in school)

I had this conversation with a guy friend of mine recently.

Me: How come you don't drink with girl friends?
Friend: Shy. Can't talk to most of them. They're like a whole different species. 
Me: Except for me and (another friend) right? Cause we're too bro?
Friend: Yeah.

What even.

I guess I would have to agree with the term to a certain extent.

Yes, I understand guys' mindsets most of the time, and for some reason they open up to me about all sorts of things (girl problems in particular). They treat me like one of their own which is both a good and a bad thing.

I fit into almost all of their conversations; be in sports, or reckless outdoor adventures, SHOES (cause everyone knows I'm an addict) even sex (sometimes) when they're all letting out their sexual jokes. I'm laughing along. I just get them, and to me there's nothing wrong with it.

Well, a part of me feels like there's nothing wrong with it. The other half of me is still very much a girl.

I love being able to be associated as one of the guys.
But it's a higher risk of getting "friendzoned"or "brozoned" whichever works best.

Ultimately, guys are still guys. And they like girls who are girls. Do you see where this entire post is headed to?

This gif probably describes my life. Always the wingwoman, never the one. It doesn't have a nice ring to it, but it gets the point across.

It's quite common to hear "eh, you got any girl friends to intro to me anot?" when it comes to being friends with guys. And I'm all like "hi, hello, hey, you're cute. And last I checked, I was a girl. I'm here, NOTICE ME DAMMIT." 

Basically, as a "bro" girl, I'm so noticeable to the point that the haze is clearer than people actually being able to notice me. Yeah you better have sensed the sarcasm.

Guys, sometimes even "bro" girls want to be treated like girls. Flowers, dinner, romantic things that well, we always tell you we don't care for but deep down we really do? That, and maybe a round of Halo or Modern Warfare together just chilling at home. To think about it, "bro" girls are the best of both worlds. They're all you ever want in a girl, with less drama. 

And if you guys were wondering if this term was a legit one? It is. 

So girls, if you feel that you consider yourself a "bro" girl, it's not always a bad thing. You're a unique individual. Channel that inner swag.